Monday, 29 August 2011

EUGENICS – Throwing Out The Baby With The Bath’s Dirty Water

Eugenics is based on conscious or unconscious actions aiming to improve the genetic composition of the individuals. Of course, such actions could be mistaken and even barbaric when based on pseudo-science and ideology like in the case of Nazis and social-darwinists in the recent past ( actually they should call themselves social-spencerists because Herbert Spencer was the major disseminator of this pseudo-scientific ideology. They give Darwin an unjust and denigrating disservice by using his name ).

After these sinister occurrences, stupidly, many people only focus on these negative aspects of eugenics and idiotically become blind to the fact that eugenics could also be natural when results from instinctive actions or genuinely scientific, conscious and positive when based on real science. And in their intellectual myopia, they end up throwing a beautiful baby with the bath’s dirty water.

Aside natural selection, females’ SEXUAL SELECTION is the natural and OLDEST form of EUGENICS. It probably appeared soon after sex was invented by evolution billions of years ago. And, no doubt, it has a cruel aspect to it on sentient species. In the case of human species, just think about how many men felt the psychological pain of rejection and humiliation when refused or disdained by women. Yet almost nobody even notice this very ancient form of eugenics and its inherent merciless cruelty.

How many songs were created telling about the strong psychological pain of unsuccessful love ?

But unlike this cruel form of natural eugenics, science could improve the genetic make-up of the populations without affecting people’s feelings like in the actions resulting from women’s instinctive sexual selection ( of course, in a small degree, men [ mainly the gifted ones ] also practice instinctive sexual selection ).

[ photo author: graur codrin ]


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  2. People get used to nature's cruelty and, as consequence, they become almost blind to it.

    They need someone to shake their minds and make them to wake up from their deep trance and open their conscious eyes to what happens around them in nature.